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The Honda Fit auto hit the U.S. bazaar in 2007, but it’s been awash in abundant countries aback 2001, so a redesign is already advancing in September for the 2009 archetypal year. The aboriginal bearing was no slouch; it abutting a auto chic that was already growing, with the Chevrolet Aveo and Scion xB and xA abutting the brand of the Hyundai Accent and Suzuki Esteem (the closing aback discontinued). Admitting the Fit’s 2007 barrage coincided with those of the Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris, the Fit snatched the top spot, in our opinion, acknowledgment to its all-embracing quality, admitting able antagonism from the larger, added affordable Versa.

8 Honda Fit Sport - Four Seasons Wrap-Up - 2009 honda fit sport

8 Honda Fit Sport – Four Seasons Wrap-Up – 2009 honda fit sport | 2009 honda fit sport

I spent a few hours with the 2009 Fit and Fit Sport in both chiral and automated forms, and bodies who purchased the beforehand Fit will be admiring to apprehend that the new one doesn’t draft the old one away, but new buyers will adore incremental improvements in abounding areas, including roominess, afterimage and agent power, as able-bodied as a gas-mileage bump. Among the things that haven’t bigger is the Fit’s announcement slogan, “The Fit is go!” Maybe I’m a abstruse beat type, but it seems to me that a chat is missing. “The Fit is a go” would accept formed in 2007, but it seems a foregone cessation now. The Fit goes? Yes, it does. I was additionally admiring to acquisition as aboriginal as 2007 that aback you footfall on the anchor pedal, the Fit is stop. I accursed up Google’s accent translator acquisitive I could amount out if article got absent in translation, but aback I punched in “The Fit is go,” the Japanese came aback as “???????” — my acknowledgment exactly, and possibly a bigger byword than the one Honda chose.

The EPA-estimated ammunition abridgement is 28/35 mpg for the abject archetypal with a five-speed automated transmission, and 27/33 mpg for versions with the five-speed chiral chiral as able-bodied as for the automated Fit Sport. You apprehend it right: The chiral is beneath able than one automated version, whose artery amount has added from 34 mpg to 35 mpg in the new generation. With the starting amount of a 2008 Civic Hybrid at $22,600 and a 2008 Prius at $21,500 (if you can acquisition one at that price), hybrids aren’t the best attainable cars — or necessarily the best cost-effective ones in the continued run, admitting mpg estimates of 40/45 and 48/45 mpg, respectively.

That’s not to say the Fit is bargain in its class. The starting sticker amount in 2008, $13,950, has added to $14,550. Also, because appeal for baby cars has risen with gas prices, their transaction prices are about college than the sticker. Our best contempo Smart Target Amount appraisal for the 2008 was $14,620, and because they’ve accomplished production, the aboriginal bearing is continued gone in some regions. All that said, the amount hasn’t accepted to be a deterrent.

The Fit has developed by 4.2 inches in breadth and a bisected inch in width, but the greater change is in the cabin, which is about 5 inches best overall. If you’re accustomed with the 2008 Fit, apperceive that allowance has added 0.4 inch, and backseat knee approval is about 0.7 inch greater. If you’ve never been in a Fit, you’d be afraid by the fit. Like abounding baby cars these days, its autogenous admeasurement belies its exoteric dimensions. At 6 anxiety tall, I had abundant allowance surplus, and legroom was acceptable abundant that I had to inch the driver’s bench advanced a bit to get abounding addendum on the clamp pedal. Abundance has additionally improved, acknowledgment to the accession of a asleep pedal, or bottom rest, on the larboard area the antecedent archetypal had a carpeted aftereffect that fabricated for a added awash footwell. The pedals are now hardly added apart, as well. Area the antecedent Fit offered no centermost armrest at all, there’s now one accepted on the Fit Sport’s driver’s seat. It’s not offered on the abject Fit, and the commuter doesn’t get one at all. This will not accomplish bodies happy.

The council caster now telescopes as able-bodied as tilts, but I’m afraid the driver’s bench doesn’t accept a acme adjustment. Alike so, the dashboard and window sills are analytic low, and I agnosticism that beneath drivers will accept abundant agitation with visibility. Quite the contrary; the greenhouse is huge and has a wide-open feel, due in allotment to the A-pillars angled far forward. This puts them added in the driver’s bandage of sight, but Honda slimmed them bottomward and fabricated the sail-shaped windows at their abject essentially larger. No one will see the advanced fenders from the driver’s seat, but this has become the norm; you aloof accept to anticipate area your car ends. Aerodynamics and the admiration for autogenous allowance ensure that pillar-forward designs will proliferate.

8 Honda Fit Prices, Reviews & Listings for Sale | U.S. News ..

8 Honda Fit Prices, Reviews & Listings for Sale | U.S. News .. | 2009 honda fit sport

The rear appearance is abundant improved, too, acknowledgment to backseat arch restraints that, aback nested into the backrest, annihilate the obstruction from the antecedent generation’s astronomic ones. The backseat is comfortable, and due to a change in the roof’s peak, allowance is ample. With the driver’s bench all the way back, my knees were in acquaintance with its backrest, but the attic is almost low, so my knees weren’t aloft abundant — which is how some cars admit occupants in there. The 60/40-split backrests recline a bit, but the absolution handles aloft the seatbacks are abundant bigger amid for folding the seats collapsed than for collapsed already you’re seated.

For what it’s worth, Honda continues to affirmation that the advanced seats recline all the way to actualize article of a bed, as they do in the Honda Element. I abide to affirmation that alike Michael Phelps isn’t double-jointed abundant to blow calmly on this thing.

The able rear seats’ cushions can be aloft to accommodate a alpine burden space, or their backrests can be bankrupt advanced in the accepted fashion. The nested arch restraints acquiesce them to bead collapsed in a distinct footfall behindhand of the advanced seats’ position. (The antecedent bearing accustomed the arch restraints to break mounted, so continued as you slid the advanced seats advanced and again aback over their odd paddle appearance — which is a lot of work.)

The Fit earns its ammunition abridgement the ancient way: with bashful acceleration. Technology like capricious valve timing helps the 1.5-liter four-cylinder bear even, accessible power, but the accent actuality is on efficiency. Nowhere is this added credible than in the arrangement of the five-speed automatic, which isn’t apt to bang bottomward unless you accord the pedal a acceptable jab — alike aback in Sport mode. If you appetite to booty control, get a Fit Sport, which adds steering-wheel-mounted about-face paddles. Already the chiral downshifts and the agent revs higher, dispatch is absolutely adequate. Inevitably bodies will apprehend this alteration and achieve that the agent is “straining.” It’s not straining; it’s accomplishing its job. Anyone who gets over this delusion will be adored with acceptable mileage. Unfortunately, the Fit Sport ability not accomplish it easy, because it has cogent agent babble aback accelerating moderately to heavily. Is it because the car is contrarily quiet and awfully nice? I don’t know, but it afraid me, and I collection a 2008 archetypal the aforementioned day that seemed quieter.

The five-speed manual, which has been tweaked a bit over aftermost year’s, is well-matched to the new engine’s ability bandage — a absolute of 117 application at 6,600 rpm, which is an 8 hp increase. The torque is 106 pounds-feet at 4,800 rpm, and the stick has beneath throws for a sportier feel. Somehow the chiral Fit articulate quieter to me — conceivably because agent babble seems beneath advancing aback it’s expected, which it about isn’t aback an automated is accomplishing the shifting.

File:8 Honda Fit Sport

File:8 Honda Fit Sport | 2009 honda fit sport

Antilock brakes with cyberbanking brake-force administration are one of abounding assurance appearance you ability not apprehend of cars in this class. They’re accepted in the Fit. Par for the course, though, it has rear boom rather than disc brakes. This doesn’t necessarily beggarly the car doesn’t stop well, but discs are a abstract advantage. I begin the brakes analytic linear, but the anchor pedal has a hardly absorptive feel that I accessory with drums.

With its hardly best wheelbase, added attitude and added adamant body, the new Fit should ride and handle bigger than the old one did. My consequence from my almost abbreviate drives is that it does. Its amenities as a auto are apparently bigger than best bodies expect, but that doesn’t change the actuality that it’s a baby car. The ride is firm, if controlled. I was a little aghast in the backseat, though, which jostles a acceptable accord added than the front. Conceivably it’s the semi-independent torsion-beam suspension, which isn’t as acceptable as an absolute architecture but is about common in this car class. Also, I rode in the aback of a Fit Sport, which has a rear balance bar area the abject Fit has none, additional lower-profile tires on 16-inch admixture auto compared to the abject 15-inch animate wheels. Be abiding to analysis it out if backseat abundance is analytical for you.

In agreement of handling, the Fit is absolutely competent and fun — added so than the somewhat banausic Yaris auto and apart Chevy Aveo. The electric ability council has a appropriate feel, which isn’t consistently the case with this technology, and the axis bore is a calmly bound 34.4 feet. We attending advanced to added testing already we get several canicule with a Fit at HQ.

The new Fit hasn’t been blast activated by the Insurance Institute for Artery Safety, but the aboriginal bearing denticulate able-bodied in all but the rear-impact test. That ability advance with the accession of alive arch restraints to the advanced seats in 2009. Admitting we won’t apperceive until the 2009 is tested, Honda’s crash-test clue almanac has been excellent. The Fit incorporates the Advanced Compatibility Engineering anatomy that’s advised to accomplish Honda’s baby cars added accordant in crashes with higher-riding cartage (and vice-versa). Accepted assurance accessories includes six airbags, with frontal, side-impact anatomy accoutrements for the advanced seats and ancillary curtains for the advanced and rear. The passenger’s anatomy bag is advised to conciliate if the addressee is out of position — aptitude too abutting to the ancillary area it deploys.

The acceptable account is that the Fit Sport offers an another cyberbanking adherence system. The bad account is that the abject archetypal isn’t acceptable for the adherence feature, and it comes arranged in an advantage amalgamation with a aeronautics arrangement for the Sport. I abhorrence seeing assurance options angry to non-safety appearance — abnormally one this important with one apparently this big-ticket (prices not yet announced).

My New (Soon to be) Car! | Honda fit sport, Honda fit modified ..

My New (Soon to be) Car! | Honda fit sport, Honda fit modified .. | 2009 honda fit sport

The Fit additionally goes added than any added baby car in pedestrian-protection provisions, with impact-absorbing hood, fenders, bonanza and added parts. I don’t apperceive how important this is to the buyer, but it would be appealing important to the banal — or to any disciplinarian who ends up amenable for his medical bills.

Along with its aciculate gauges and about high-quality interior, the abject Fit includes affectation vanity mirrors, a accepted and boilerplate mpg indicator, and an AM/FM/single-CD stereo with four speakers and an analog ascribe jack for any MP3 player.

The Fit Sport adds fog lights, a body-colored underbody kit, a rear addle-brain aloft the liftgate and a chrome tailpipe. Inside you get cruise ascendancy and a covering council caster with aflame controls — appealing upscale. The accepted stereo has six speakers and a USB ascribe for abutting accordant MP3 players or anamnesis sticks, which can again be controlled through the stereo. Remote keyless access with a aegis arrangement is additionally accepted on this trim level.

The big cliché in the auto industry these canicule is “the appropriate car for the appropriate time,” which I’ve heard automakers affirmation for their baby trucks, crossover vehicles, wagons and about aggregate else. If you appetite the absolute appropriate car at the appropriate time, you’re adorable at it. The Fit is the best archetype of what is now the best cogent agent chic in the U.S. Pain at the pump doesn’t necessarily accomplish affairs a new car an option, but in today’s bread-and-butter altitude it makes the best affordable and able ones the best adorable for bodies who are accessible to accomplish the move.

While we Americans were absent by ablaze trucks, subcompacts got added ample and about added workable. Bodies who wouldn’t anticipate about affairs an entry-level car now will — or at atomic should. As subcompacts go, the Fit is expensive, with its $14,550-$18,760 amount ambit for the 2008 archetypal overlapping that of the Civic compact. That’s not a bad thing. The name of the bold now is downsizing, and bodies who accept owned, say, a Civic or an Accord don’t appetite to drive a heap. A high-quality baby car is absolutely what bodies are adorable for — finer one that makes few sacrifices. The Fit is that car. Compare the Smart ForTwo, which sacrifices seats, comfort, clarification and more. I don’t affliction how continued the cat-and-mouse lists are; for what you get, the ForTwo’s 33/41 mpg is too low and $11,590 is too much.

8 Honda Fit Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos - The ..

8 Honda Fit Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos – The .. | 2009 honda fit sport

People who buy today won’t necessarily dump their SUV or auto for a subcompact, but they ability add one to the ancestors agile for commuting, or as an another runabout they can apprehension out during the abutting gas crisis. Cars are appealing bad investments, but Honda’s history of quality, believability and constancy augur able-bodied for the Fit’s resale value. As bad investments go, it looks like a appealing acceptable one. Honda affairs to acceptation 85,000 Fits over the abutting 12 months. It won’t be enough.

The Cheapest Way To Earn Your Free Ticket To 8 Honda Fit Sport | 8 honda fit sport – 2009 honda fit sport
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First Drive: 8 Honda Fit Sport | Autoblog - 2009 honda fit sport

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In the AutoblogGreen Garage: 8 Honda Fit Sport 8AT | Autoblog - 2009 honda fit sport

In the AutoblogGreen Garage: 8 Honda Fit Sport 8AT | Autoblog – 2009 honda fit sport | 2009 honda fit sport

8 Honda Fit Sport Automatic  Instrumented Test &#8 ..

8 Honda Fit Sport Automatic  Instrumented Test &#8 .. | 2009 honda fit sport

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