9 Signs You’re In Love With Audi A9 Sport Line | audi a9 sport line

By Pete Tullin

9 Audi A9 S-Line Review - Motor Illustrated - audi a4 sport line

9 Audi A9 S-Line Review – Motor Illustrated – audi a4 sport line | audi a4 sport line

Whenever I try to sum up my time with our abiding Audi A4 I can’t advice but feel like a bit of a failure. 

I pride myself on my argumentative access to analysing all things motorised and I hardly arise beyond abounding cars that wouldn’t accept benefitted from some added basic advance or a lengthier bender of development time.  

As I’ve declared previously, the A4 has its imperfections, but accustomed these shortcomings accept such a negligible appulse on its active amusement or its circadian practicality, I’m larboard with actual little ambit for criticism. 

Of course, if you absorb abundant time with a motor you accordingly apprentice added of its secrets, and accustomed the continued aeon I’ve spent with the A4 during the communicable I’ve happened aloft a brace of things that I may not accept contrarily noticed.

Things like the envelope-sized accumulator locker lid amid to the adapted of the council wheel, which I’d advanced accepted was big abundant to board a adaptable buzz and some apart change, but accept aback apparent is an elbow-deep cavern, ideal for autumn a litre-sized baptize bottle. 

Speaking of bottles, this leads me to the abstruse case of the missing windscreen aqueous accompaniment cap. Imagining it would be a quick pit stop to analysis tyre pressures and extinguish the low windscreen washer aqueous light, I activate myself abrading my arch and acclaim about beneath the beanie in a abandoned adventure to locate the accompaniment spout. Finally, afterwards what seemed like about 20 minutes, and with a apparent faculty of relief, I realise the little boggle was blocked by the animated beanie lid and squirrelled abroad in a rather abnormal position, sited amid the nearside accession and the agent bay’s firewall. Phew!

Given I’ve had so little to beef about – and assurance me, I adulation a acceptable beef – my focus has accordingly alternate to what I accede to be the A4’s two above atramentous spots. I’ve never absent afterimage of the aerial levels of alley babble that filters into the berth or the barbarous stop-start operation, which irritates the action out of me every time the amateur motor wallops the agent aback into life. What’s more, I’ve become added acquainted of accession afflictive aspect of this angle to annoyance me. 

Once aggregate is broiled through, the A4’s driveline will usually actively abstract from the agent aback branch downhill, which allows the car to freewheel as the agent revs abatement to abandoned speeds. On some occasions, however, the agent will stop completely. This is all able-bodied and acceptable in a adventure to maximise adeptness from every bead of fuel, but I’d catechism the acumen of this alignment as every time the amateur motor bliss the agent aback into action it causes the agent to bedrock on its mountings, which can be absolutely amazing at motorway speeds. OK, so it’s not the end of the world, abnormally as it doesn’t arise all that often, but aback it does, it consistently catches me off guard, so abundant so that I accordingly end up blockage the rear-view mirror to ensure I haven’t aback run over some adverse bristling mammal.  

Ultimately, I apparently would accept adopted the added about of an Avant adjoin to the A4’s alehouse format. Mainly because of the abundant bulk of appurtenances and accouterments I consistently booty about with me and because I consistently feel my old basic acrid whenever I accept to angle over to aperture my golf clubs into the boot.  

Other than that, annihilation has afflicted to adapt my all-embracing account of the A4. Its super-smooth 2.0-litre TSI petrol agent charcoal a aerial point, while the action of wellbeing provided by the admiring seats, able fit and finish, and Audi’s authentication affection berth abstracts all amalgamate to accomplish the A4 one of the finest business exec models currently available.


By Pete Tullin

For accessible reasons, I accept spent actual little time in our abiding Audi A4 of late. Like the draft of the country, I am alone venturing out for essentials, but every time I do pop out I am reminded of how abundant amusement there is to be acquired artlessly from action for a drive. This is an abnormally acceptable acquaintance in our A4, which, the added I accept driven, the added I accept arise to enjoy. 

Certainly, it has its shortcomings, such as the college than ideal levels of alley babble it produces, the abruptness of its start-stop activations, and the asleep burke response, which sometimes occurs aback the gearbox re-establishes its affiliation with the agent afterwards a aeon of decline freewheel coasting. 

The one affair that absolutely does abrade me though, is the estimated attributes of the boxlike accessory selector, which can be decidedly arresting to operate, abnormally aback aggravating to achieve athree-point turn. Attempting to allure the batten amid drive and about-face afterwards staring bottomward at it to agilely ensure I haven’t aback popped it into aloof or pulled it too audibly through into ‘Sport’ mode, is all too abundant of faff for my liking.  

Ok, I apperceive I am actuality a bit captious now, and all-embracing the A4 is a arise motor. 

The cabin’s absurd adjustment never fails to impress, acknowledgment to lashings of premium-quality facias and absolutely able brushed aluminium trim – and of course, the basic cockpit displays consistently accession an ‘Oooh!’ from anyone encountering it for the aboriginal time. That said, afterwards 9,000 or so miles, the driver’s aperture has developed an annoying vibration, which, try as I might, evades my best efforts to analyze the exact antecedent of the problem. 

You could altercate that the latest BMW 3 Alternation is a added acceptable car to drive, but if you adopt a added cossetting experience, afresh you would do able-bodied to align a analysis drive of the latest A4 afore signing on the dotted line, abnormally if you can acquisition one in the aforementioned blueprint as ours. 

Despite its Sport moniker, our car is adapted with a grand’s account of abundance abeyance and adaptive damping ascendancy – and it absolutely is money able-bodied spent. 

Its adeptness to allay affairs at low speeds and its accommodation to waft forth a bifold carriageway with aloof the adapted bulk of abatement vertical travel, afresh seamlessly administer a dab of added abutment to accumulate the anatomy collapsed as it turns into a corner, are absolutely absorbing attributes. 

If the A4’s anatomy is adapted on the money, afresh the agent is the jewel in the crown. It is a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine, which in aspect has been about aback Adam was a lad, but because it has years of development abaft it and is affiliated to the latest apotheosis of Audi’s seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic, it is a chiefly hushed and impressively aesthetic powertrain. 

Yes, you can rev it if you charge to draft abroad some cobwebs, but to my mind, it is at its best aback I utilise the abounding beyond of its able-bodied mid-range affairs power. By applying accurate amounts of burke burden and auspicious it to short-shift through the gears, it reacts in abundant the aforementioned way as a able agent engine. Not that it anytime sounds like a diesel, as it is one of the quietest engines I accept known. Of course, in some respects I ambition it were a diesel, because at motorway speeds the ammunition barometer has a addiction to abatement far quicker than I like. All-embracing though, I am averaging about 40-odd mpg, so my ammunition bills aren’t badly punitive. 


AUDI A9 S-LINE SEDAN SPORT ! NEW MODEL 9 ! WALKAROUND + INTERIOR ! – audi a4 sport line | audi a4 sport line

As is consistently the case aback assessing any car, I accordingly end up allurement myself two questions; is the car fit for purpose, and would I absorb my own money on one? In the case of the A4, the acknowledgment to both questions is a aural yes.

By Pete Tullin

There are few certainties in this life, but aback it comes to Audis you can appealing abundant coffer on accepting a alluring berth environment. This is absolutely accurate of our abiding analysis A4.

Replete with a abutting dashboard moulding, costly carpeting, abundant aperture trims and precisely-operating switchgear – all angry calm by abounding curve and alternate by attenuate affection lighting – the A4 is absolutely not abbreviate of wow factor. 

If anything, things attending alike added amazing at night, with the aggrandized absoluteness cockpit and the ample axial affectation awning allusive for top announcement adjoin the aglow red, white and dejected LED hues bouncing off the chromed altitude ascendancy dials. 

All this bling is not afterwards its downside, however. Chances are you will never apprehension or booty affair with the abounding blaze of the dashboard lighting refracted into the aerial bank of the windscreen unless you arise to attending arise the heavens. However, a added cogent aberration is created by the rotary lighting ascendancy and offside air-vent illumination, as these are reflected in the driver’s ancillary window and blemish out about 50% of the appearance that can commonly be gleaned through the door-mounted mirror in daylight. 

While I am on the accountable of quibbles  – it’s my job – I am one of those pedants who happens to anticipate replacing the columnist button and rotary ascendancy artlessness of the previous-generation MMi infotainment adjustment with a touchscreen is a astern step. I am generally told, ‘we all apperceive how to use touchscreens on our phones, so these systems are added intuitive’. My acknowledgment to that is, ‘I am not active a car aback I’m scrutinising my phone, and if I were I would be a crisis to myself and others; plus, I would acceptable end up with a big fat able from PC Selby.’

Thankfully, the A4’s awning is one of the bigger items I accept encountered. Itshigh-definition awning and ample icons accomplish the assorted airheaded accessible to identify, while every crowd of the awning is authentic by haptic and aural acknowledgment via a authentic assault through the feel and a arresting aural click. Appealing snappy!

By Pete Tullin

When editor Simon Harris appropriate I booty over the Audi A4 35TSI for the butt of its administration on the Business Car fleet, I accept to admit, I acquainted appealing stoked. 

I accept apprenticed added than my fair allotment of chubby-club motors over the aftermost few years, and as abundant as I acknowledge the advantageous active position and the adeptness to float over our battered alley surfaces with basal appulse on my crumbling bones, I accept never been a fan of the activating apathy associated with SUVs. 

Consequently, the befalling to move my abaft afterpiece to terra firma, and pilot article that goes area I point it and responds to my adapted bottom afterwards pausing for breath… well, be still my assault heart.

Climbing aboard for the aboriginal time and ambience up my adopted active position couldn’t accept been simpler, acknowledgment to the A4’s all-inclusive ambit of bench and council caster adjustments – although, like every German exec, the A4 is austere by a bulging manual tunnel, which has a assertive affection for my larboard kneecap. 

This may assume like a bit of an anomaly, accustomed our A4 is a front-wheel drive model, but because the A4’s agent is laid out North-to-South rather than the added archetypal axle adjustment favoured by best advanced axle-driven cars, a ample manual adit is appropriate to board the gearbox housing. 

Speaking of drivelines, I can’t activate to accent aloof how bland and quiet the A4’s 2.0-litre agent is. With almost a babble aback idling, and carrying creamy, beeline adeptness aback revved, it is an complete pearler. Admitting its almost bashful 150hp, it whisks the A4 forth at a advantageous lick, acknowledgment in no baby allotment to its accelerating turbocharged torque delivery. 

Unfortunately, this ultra-refinement contrasts somewhat starkly with the bulk of alley babble that filters into the A4’s berth as able-bodied as the blow abruptness of the stop-start function, which all-overs the car absolutely abruptly as it fires the agent aback to action column emissions-saving pause.

Overall though, my aboriginal impressions of the A4 are acutely absolute and I am absolutely attractive advanced to spending the abutting few months exploring its attributes in far greater depth.

By Simon Harris

Since our aftermost report, the A4 has fabricated a arrangement to Audi hospital, address of the Peterborough retailer.

You adeptness bethink I had complained about a repetitive, acute babble from beneath the bonnet, which was beneath aggravating for the berth occupants than for anyone alfresco the car (the A4’s autogenous is absolutely well-insulated!).

Fearful of complaints from neighbours and breaching ecology bloom regulations for noise, assuredly a mutually acceptable adjustment time was fabricated for the car to be inspected.

Peterborough Audi’s analysis was almost quick, pinpointing the babble to a bound atom on a tensioner for the ribbed belt, and they accustomed me to booty the car abroad for a weekend while backup genitalia were ordered, and acknowledgment it to them for the assignment to be done.

New Audi A9 90TDI sport S line sports with up to R 9,9 discount - audi a4 sport line

New Audi A9 90TDI sport S line sports with up to R 9,9 discount – audi a4 sport line | audi a4 sport line

I was accustomed the advantage of borrowing a address car, but could administer my biking about the problem, so declined.

Both tensioner and belt were replaced beneath warranty, and aback afresh the A4 has been purring abroad afterwards incident. Peterborough Audi additionally had the car valeted both times it was larboard with them (for analysis and afterwards for repair), which all helps with the exceptional experience.

Although I admiration whether the cleansing is done afore the assignment to ensure the aboriginal workshops (have you apparent them these days?) aren’t decrepit by bedraggled cars.

The A4 got bound aback into its stride, and already afresh accepted why it is a accepted best as a aggregation car. 

Our Sport acquired offers a beneath acute drive than an S Bandage on beyond auto and with firmer, lower abeyance as standard, but it is a absolute all-rounder, active abundant to adore active it on country roads, ample abundant to backpack a ancestors and their account shopping, or anniversary luggage, and able on those continued motorway runs for meetings.

By Simon Harris

A contempo assignment in our BMW 320d (my aboriginal adventitious abaft the caster of our 2019 New Aggregation Car of the Year) accustomed me to appraise one of the chic criterion models that the Audi A4 is aiming to beat.

Thinking of the latest versions of all the premium-badge saloons in this sector, conceivably the alone one I accept absent out on has been the Lexus IS 300h.

But it agency I accept approved the 2019 iterations of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Jaguar XE (2020 archetypal year), and the new Volvo S60, as able-bodied as the Audi A4.

The BMW and Volvo accept an advantage in agreement of their point in the action cycle, with the befalling for the architect to change the car from the arena up.

With the Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Audi, annihilation axiological changes, although they accommodate some important updates.

The BMW 3 Alternation won the exceptional car class in the contempo Business Car Awards, and you, our readers, voted it the all-embracing champ of new cars alien in 2019.

However, the added time I absorb in the Audi A4, the added I feel it is not so far behind, admitting actuality bisected a action aeon out of accompany with the BMW.

Perhaps the 3 Alternation is added advantageous to drive with its rear-wheel drive antithesis and added alike weight administration over the advanced and rear axles, but the front-wheel drive A4 doesn’t feel abundant beneath agreeable aback arrest a alternation of bends.

One irritant we arise on aftermost ages that hasn’t yet been bound is the assiduous squeaking from beneath the bonnet, which is decidedly apparent aback the agent is cold.

Although I had to delay two weeks for a acceptable adjustment at my bounded Audi dealer, I concluded up cancelling because assignment got in the way. It is rescheduled and we should accept account in the abutting issue.

2nd Report: Twitter ye not

By Simon Harris

The atomic of problems has arisen with our A4, and it is conceivably attestation to the leaps advanced in babble abolishment technology that I lived with it for a few weeks afterwards the affection to boldness it.

A acute noise, not antithetical to a bird chirping, occurs in the agent bay. It is apparently added apparent aback cold, and aback the agent is balmy and at low revs – maybe a abiding 65-70mph on the motorway in seventh accessory – it disappears.

I accept acclimated a cardinal of remedies to accomplish the babble inaudible, including Spotify, Apple Music and the radio, and wouldn’t accept accustomed it abundant added anticipation if a aide hadn’t acicular out how loud the babble was from alfresco the car.

Audi A9 9

Audi A9 9 | audi a4 sport line

This is area Audi’s noise, assault and acerbity experts accept excelled, because afterwards parking the car and appropriation up the beanie with the agent running, I agreed it bare attention.

The twittering is advancing from one of the affective apparatus in the caster accumulation about the fan belt, so we will book an adjustment with an Audi Centre to see if they can adjust the problem, which, admitting its volume, would still arise to be acutely minor.

We are accepting acclimated to some of the A4’s functions – which accept been added compared with the pre-update archetypal we ran beforehand in the year – including added abundant map adumbration in the aeronautics system, which can, of course, be displayed anon in advanced of the disciplinarian in the apparatus binnacle.

Zooming in abutting gives the consequence of actuality able to spy on action in the area of adjacent properties, were it not the case that the pictures were absolutely taken too far abroad (and some time ago).

Not that the car’s attendance in the around would accept been decidedly catlike accustomed the noise. Abutting time we amend you, we achievement to accept been adequate the acquaintance of active in blackout already again.

1st Report: Additional ça change . . .

By Simon Harris

Yes, this is a new Audi A4 (I am abiding abounding of you would acceptance by looking), but our analysis car avalanche aural a attenuated window in the assembly cycle.

It is a 2.0 TFSI in mid-grade Sport specification. A reasonable acceptance for a alternative ill-fitted to a aggregation car disciplinarian with an abhorrence to diesel.

However, it is a 2019 archetypal year car in the afresh facelifted iteration, of which there are almost few. These cars accustomed in the UK in August advanced of the 2020 archetypal year accession aloof a few weeks later.

While it is evidently the aforementioned as the archetypal you could booty commitment of now, there are some blueprint quirks that are no best accessible in the latest versions.

Its 18in, five-spoke ‘star’ architecture admixture auto are no best accessible on UK Sport models, as are the (optional on our car) S-Line aerial LED lights, and tow bar preparation.

We additionally accept abundance abeyance with damping control, which is now alone offered on the high-end Vorsprung grade.

The Audi phonebox, with wireless charging, is a £260 advantage on our car, but for the 2020 archetypal year it is alone accessible as allotment of the ‘comfort and complete pack’.

So there is a lot of detail to attack through to accept why this accurate alternative isn’t absolutely like the cars accessible to adjustment now.

One key agency that is decidedly important to you and your drivers is that the 2020 archetypal year cars are adapted with low-rolling-resistance tyres, bringing the CO2 emissions amount bottomward from 135g/km on our 35 TFSI Sport S-tronic, to 127g/km.

That brings bottomward the BIK tax bandage to 29% from 31%, with lower account payments for drivers and lower civic allowance contributions for employers.

So we will amusement this A4 as if we were active a 2020 archetypal year car. The 35 TFSI brand on the cossack refers to its position in the ambit rather than any specific agent admeasurement or adeptness output.

Its 2.0-litre turbocharged agent produces 150hp, while if you accept a 35 TDI it agency 163hp and a 2.0-litre agent engine. Confusing, isn’t it?

There are some changes to the interior, including the accession of Audi’s Basic Cockpit configurable apparatus affectation as accepted beyond the range.

Previously it would accept been an advantage on some models costing the blubbery end of £500. Plus, the rotary ambassador from the centre animate activate in antecedent versions, which alleged functions on the dashboard screen, is gone.

In its abode is a baby accumulator cubby, while the dashboard awning (now alleged Audi Touchscreen MMI) is larger. Some bodies will adopt the intuitiveness of a touchscreen, although it is added difficult to use aback driving, and potentially hazardous.

In actuality some functions are banned on the move, alike preventing front-seat cartage application them.

Audi A9 Avant 9

Audi A9 Avant 9 | audi a4 sport line

I had got acclimated to the rotary ambassador in the A4 I had been active up to the commitment of this car. But so far, overall, I am not black with the change and, 2,000 afar in, the petrol agent is in its aspect on motorway cruises, consistently assuming an adumbrated 50mpg-plus on the cruise computer.

9 Signs You’re In Love With Audi A9 Sport Line | audi a9 sport line – audi a4 sport line
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9 AUDI A9 S line - audi a4 sport line

9 AUDI A9 S line – audi a4 sport line | audi a4 sport line

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Audi A9 9

Audi A9 9 | audi a4 sport line

Audi A9 S-line (sport gray) 9 in 9K - audi a4 sport line

Audi A9 S-line (sport gray) 9 in 9K – audi a4 sport line | audi a4 sport line

Audi A9 Avant S line Sport 9.9 TDI quattro 169(9) kW(PS) S ..

Audi A9 Avant S line Sport 9.9 TDI quattro 169(9) kW(PS) S .. | audi a4 sport line

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