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Cleats are flat, solid objects that are designed to be worn on one foot. They are used to enhance running, walking, and other sports activities by providing increased traction on the ground. They are also frequently used in hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling and track events. There are many different types and kinds of cleats available in various sporting goods stores today.

DescriptionA stud or cleat is usually a solid piece of material with a small blade attached at the top. Cleats are flat, hard protrusions on an outer attachment to a shoe or other solid object that give added traction on a hard or slick surface. They are typically made of rubber, plastic or metal and can either be blade-like or conical in shape. Common materials for these items include leather, vinyl, canvas and other synthetic materials.

Different kinds of cleats are used for different sports and different surfaces. Some cleats are designed to grip surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and snow; others grip synthetic grass and turf; still others are designed to grip concrete and road surfaces. Different areas require different styles of footwear to offer maximum traction, so it's recommended to consult the sporting goods store employee for recommendations regarding which style is best for you. Most professionals recommend using a specific grip type, since different types are designed for particular types of surfaces.

The most popular athletic shoe types are made of materials that are flexible and lightweight. Flexible shoes have more flex than other types of shoes and give the runner added traction on soft surfaces and gravel or dirt tracks. Lightweight cleats are perfect for indoor soccer and are a great option if cost is a factor. Similar to other indoor soccer equipment, cleats differ in price.

If cost is not an issue for you, then consider investing in firm ground cleats. Firm ground cleats are designed to offer additional grip on natural surfaces. These shoes are great to wear when playing indoor soccer games or during recreational activities. In addition, they can help decrease injuries if you're used to playing on natural surfaces but plan on playing on artificial surfaces during your athletic career.

If you like the look of cleats but would like something that provides additional traction, you should look into purchasing spiked cleats. Spiked cleats provide additional traction that is controlled by your own foot and can work with most shoes whether you prefer leather, plastic or mesh. Spiked cleats can also be customized with various designs, varying from simple studs to spikes and other detailing. You can purchase custom spiked cleats for indoor soccer games and practice or even for outdoor activities. If you do purchase custom spiked cleats, make sure to get them from a reputable dealer and make sure that the cleats are designed for indoor and/or outdoor use. You can purchase cleats at a local sporting goods store or online.

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